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The Sound Connection encourages its members to experience the benefits of singing in a quartet.  Quartets allow the singers to develop their performance skills, refine their tuning, and improve their vocal production.

The chorus currently has one active quartet (see below).

 4-Gone Conclusion

Members: St├ęphanie Lafleur (Bass), Jane Johnson (Baritone ), Brenda Schoenermarck (Lead), Sharon Devonish (Tenor)

About Us:  The quartet was formed in January 2011 as a result of the Quartet Encouragement Program established by their first chorus Director, Tony Bove. 

4-Gone Conclusion competed for the first time at the 2012 Harmony Inc. Area 2 Convention & Contest in Laval, QC.  

For more information on 4-Gone Conclusion, please visit their Facebook page.

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